Loving Your Talents

Wow! You are using your talents everyday!

That’s right. You may not even realize that there are certain talents you are always using as you navigate life. Clifton StrengthsFinder not only identifies what those are, but also puts words to them through their “theme” descriptions.

While you will not be surprised at what your Insight Report reveals (“yes, that is me”), you may not have realized how often it is you.

That’s why it will take you time to love and start developing your talents, that is understanding and accepting that which are your top talents. You should spend time learning about each of them and noticing when and where you use them.

Would you like a trained coach to help you? Just ask me!


Developing Your Talents is Fun!

The more you know about your talents, the more you are.

A talent represents a capacity to do something . When you are able to do something well, you are utilizing one (or more) of your talents. Because they come rather easy to you, they can help you achieve at levels of excellence fairly easily. Thus, your talents make you exceptional. And the combination of your top talents makes you unique.

Let’s say your top talent theme is RESTORATIVE and you are in college (like my son). People with the RESTORATIVE talent love to solve problems, so why not use that talent towards a Computer Science degree? You could use your IDEATION talent to create some amazing algorithms, and your ACTIVATOR talent to get it implemented. (That’s exactly what my son did, by the way.)

“You are so unique that the chances of you having the same top five talent themes as someone else are about 1 in 275,000. ”

Don Clifton • Quote of the Day

“Play to your strengths.”

Kat Frati • Quote of the Day