Insights and Discoveries: I AM…

ACHIEVER®: I am a hard worker

ACTIVATOR®: I am impatient with inactivity

ADAPTABILITY®: I am a here-and-now person

ANALYTICAL®: I am logical and objective in my approach

ARRANGER®: I am comfortable with lots of moving parts

BELIEF®: I am passionate and uncompromising about core values

COMMAND®: I am direct and decisive

COMMUNICATION®: I am verbally expressive

COMPETITION®: I am aware of my competitors

CONNECTEDNESS®: I am incredibly aware of the borderless and timeless human family

CONSISTENCY®: I am more interested in group needs than individual wants

CONTEXT®: I am appreciative of my predecessors and prior events

DELIBERATIVE®: I am a vigilant observer of potential risk

DEVELOPER®: I am patient with the inexperience and unseasoned

DISCIPLINE®: I am an efficient manager of limited resources

EMPATHY®: I am an emotional person

FOCUS®: I am intensely and intentionally single-minded

FUTURISTIC®: I am fascinated with tomorrow

HARMONY®: I am calm, even-keeled

IDEATION®: I am unaffected by the ambiguity and risk of innovation

INCLUDER®: I am aware of exclusion and understand its repercussions

INDIVIDUALIZATION®: I am a customizer

INPUT®: I am a utilitarian resource collector

INTELLECTION®: I am conceptual, deep, solitary

LEARNER®: I am one who enjoys the experience of being a learner

MAXIMIZER®: I am committed to excellence

POSITIVITY®: I am optimistic, hopeful, fun-loving

RELATOR®: I am genuine and authentic

RESPONSIBILITY®: I am someone others often trust to get things done

RESTORATIVE®: I am not intimidated by points of pain or dysfunction

SELF-ASSURANCE®: I am internally confident in the midst of external uncertainty

SIGNIFICANCE®: I am interested in being seen as significant so that I can accomplish something significant

STRATEGIC®: I am willing to consider all the possibilities so the best isn’t missed

WOO®: I am socially fast and outgoing

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