Insights and Discoveries: I NEED…

ACHIEVER®: I need freedom to work at my own pace

ACTIVATOR®: I need less discussion, more action

ADAPTABILITY®: I need present pressures that demand an immediate response

ANALYTICAL®: I need time to think

ARRANGER®: I need a dynamic environment

BELIEF®: I need a cause or purpose for which to live

COMMAND®: I need challenges and conflicts

COMMUNICATION®: I need a sounding board, an audience

COMPETITION®: I need peers for comparison and motivation

CONNECTEDNESS®: I need to be a part of something bigger than myself: a family, a team, an organization, a global community, or a cosmos

CONSISTENCY®: I need standard operating procedures

CONTEXT®: I need relevant background for discussions/decisions

DELIBERATIVE®: I need time to listen and think before being expected to speak

DEVELOPER®: I need someone to invest in

DISCIPLINE®: I need a structured and organized environment

EMPATHY®: I need freedom to laugh, cry, vent

FOCUS®: I need a goal to establish priorities

FUTURISTIC®: I need opportunities to talk about the foreseen future

HARMONY®: I need areas of agreement, common ground

IDEATION®: I need freedom to explore possibilities without restraints or limits

INCLUDER®: I need room for everyone

INDIVIDUALIZATION®: I need individual expectations that are created to fit a person

INPUT®: I need space to store the resources I naturally acquire

INTELLECTION®: I need time for reflection and meditation

LEARNER®: I need exposure to new information and experiences

MAXIMIZER®: I need quality to be valued as much as quantity

POSITIVITY®: I need freedom to experience the joy and drama of life

RELATOR®: I need time and opportunities for one-on-one interactions

RESPONSIBILITY®: I need freedom to take ownership

RESTORATIVE®: I need problems that must be resolved

SELF-ASSURANCE®: I need freedom to act unilaterally and independently

SIGNIFICANCE®: I need an appreciative audience that will bring out my best

STRATEGIC®: I need freedom to make mid-course corrections

WOO®: I need social variability

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