My dōTERRA Story

It was during a season of life when I was finding my stride with personal wellness that I encountered a snag – a mild asthma attack. The discomfort wasn’t new to me; I’d known the tight grip of troubled breaths and how it can throw a wrench in your day-to-day life. This wasn’t just about struggling for air; it was about the limitations it imposed on my vibrant lifestyle, one that I’ve dedicated to the principles of growth, connection, and natural living.

Traditionally, I turned to my trusty albuterol inhaler – the go-to relief for countless others who navigate the choppy waters of asthma. While it was effective in bursts, lasting for a few hours at a time, it introduced a new guest to the party – a rapid heart rate that felt like an uneasy dance partner, stepping on the toes of my calm.

The cost? It was more than just an uneasy feeling; it was a departure from my path of natural solutions, a detour I was reluctant to take.

Enter dōTERRA, a beacon of possibility when I was adrift in a sea of discomfort. During an enlightening weekend immersed in the world of essential oils, a suggestion was made – a trifecta of lemon, lavender, and peppermint oils, a single drop of each introduced to a shot glass of water. I was skeptical, understandably. The idea of ingesting oils was foreign to me, a line I had never crossed.

But the results? They spoke with clarity and volume. My chest eased up as though the oils were keys unlocking the tightness that had held its grip on me. The relief lasted not just for a moment but for the stretch of the day, a welcome companion in my pursuit of wellness.

This experience was transformative, a pivot point where my journey took on a new direction. I delved into the world of essential oils, not just as remedies but as partners in a holistic approach to health. My lifestyle underwent a metamorphosis, and the breathing issues that once clouded my days cleared up like a sky after a storm.

Now, my life is an embodiment of natural wellness. The lessons learned have been profound and life-altering. My mission, fueled by the belief in the transformative power of essential oils, has been supercharged. I’ve witnessed shifts, not just within myself but in others, who have seen their wellness blossom under the nurturing umbrella of doTERRA’s natural solutions.

Looking to the future, my path is intertwined with sharing and educating about these oils. It’s about guiding others from merely “fixing” symptoms to truly “building” a foundation of health that is sustainable and empowering. With doTERRA’s extensive range of products and their comprehensive wellness model, I am confident in the possibilities that await.

I see doTERRA as not just a provider of products but as a harbinger of change, meeting people right where they are and walking with them toward a future where health is nurtured, cherished, and celebrated naturally.