Achievement: Desired outcomes resulting from persistent endeavor

Aesthetics: Appreciation and enjoyment of beauty and artistic experiences

Altruism: Active concern for the needs and values of others

Ancestry: Those who came before us; our line of descent

Autonomy: The drive to be an independent, self-determine individual

Community: People who care about something and pursue it together

Competency/Skill: Competence in performing given tasks

Control/Influence: Authority or influence over others

Creativity: The ability to transcend traditional ideas, rules, patterns, relationship, or the like to create meaningful new ideas, forms, methods, and interpretations

Dignity: Demonstrating behavior and stature that earn the respect of self and others

Emotional Wellbeing: Inner peace, abiding confidence, freedom from anxieties, tranquility

Family: Person(s) with whom you have an emotional and/or biological bond

Justice: Behavior that conforms to what is right, fair, and reasonable

Knowledge: Facts and lessons learned; understanding or awareness of principles that organize and explain

Love: Unselfish devotion that freely accepts another person

Loyalty: Maintained allegiance to a person, group, institution, or idea

Harmony: Unity in relationships; the absence of conflict and strife between associates

Health: Soundness of body, mind, and spirit

Honesty: Truth, openness, and fairness of conduct; integrity

Honor: A recognition bestowed on one who has distinguished himself or herself from peers by living a life of superior standing

Humility: The ability to be honest with yourself; meek, teachable, and open to change

Passion: The “fire within” that brings rewards beyond any monetary gain or satisfaction from your work

Physical Appearance: Concern for the attractiveness of one’s own body

Pleasure: Enjoyment and gratification delivered from that which is to one’s liking

Recognition: Favorable attention and acknowledgement from others that makes one feel significant

Relationships: Being surrounded by people who like you and care about you

Spirituality/Religion: Communion with, obedience to, and activity in a relationship with a Supreme Being

Wealth: An abundance of valued material possessions and resources; economic prosperity

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