Insights and Discoveries: I BRING…

ACHIEVER®: I bring intensity and stamina of effort

ACTIVATOR®: I bring a catalytic sense of urgency

ADAPTABILITY®: I bring a willingness to follow the lead of others

ANALYTICAL®: I bring dispassionate thinking to emotional issues

ARRANGER®: I bring flexibility and interactivity

BELIEF®: I bring values, stability, clarity, and conviction

COMMAND®: I bring emotional clarity

COMMUNICATION®: I bring attention to messages that must be heard

COMPETITION®: I bring an aspiration to be the best

CONNECTEDNESS®: I bring an appreciation of the mystery and wonder of life and all creation

CONSISTENCY®: I bring rules and policies that promote cultural predictability

CONTEXT®: I bring accurate memories and valuable memorabilia

DELIBERATIVE®: I bring a thorough and conscientious approach

DEVELOPER®: I bring a commitment (time and energy) to human growth

DISCIPLINE®: I bring precision and detail orientation

EMPATHY®: I bring emotional intelligence

FOCUS®: I bring clarity through concentration and direction

FUTURISTIC®: I bring previews, predictions, forecasts

HARMONY®: I bring a peace-loving conflict-resistance approach

IDEATION®: I bring new and fresh perspectives

INCLUDER®: I bring a high level of tolerance with and acceptance of diversity

INDIVIDUALIZATION®: I bring an understanding of people that is valuable for placement

INPUT®: I bring tangible tools that can facilitate growth and performance

INTELLECTION®: I bring a depth of understanding and wisdom

LEARNER®: I bring a learning perspective

MAXIMIZER®: I bring a quality orientation

POSITIVITY®: I bring contagious energy and enthusiasm

RELATOR®: I bring social depth and transparency

RESPONSIBILITY®: I bring dependability and loyalty

RESTORATIVE®: I bring courage and creativity to problematic situations

SELF-ASSURANCE®: I bring a willingness to take necessary risks

SIGNIFICANCE®: I bring a desire for wanting more

STRATEGIC®: I bring creative anticipation, imagination, persistence

WOO®: I bring energy to social situations

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