Insights and Discoveries: I HATE…

ACHIEVER®: I hate a lack of diligence

ACTIVATOR®: I hate waiting, wasting time

ADAPTABILITY®: I hate predictability

ANALYTICAL®: I hate things that are not or cannot be proven

ARRANGER®: I hate resistance to necessary change

BELIEF®: I hate anything that does not mesh/align with my beliefs

COMMAND®: I hate passivity and avoidance

COMMUNICATION®: I hate experience without expression

COMPETITION®: I hate coming in second

CONNECTEDNESS®: I hate an “us vs. them” mentality

CONSISTENCY®: I hate unnecessary customization

CONTEXT®: I hate when the past is forgotten

DELIBERATIVE®: I hate a rush to judgement

DEVELOPER®: I hate wasted or unrealized potential

DISCIPLINE®: I hate chaos and confusion, flying by the seat of one’s pants

EMPATHY®: I hate those things that block or limit emotional expression

FOCUS®: I hate going off on misdirected tangents

FUTURISTIC®: I hate contentment with the status quo

HARMONY®: I hate negative effects of friction

IDEATION®: I hate doing what we have always done

INCLUDER®: I hate cliques

INDIVIDUALIZATION®: I hate a one-size-fits-all approach

INPUT®: I hate not having things that would be useful to others

INTELLECTION®: I hate a thoughtless approach to anything

LEARNER®: I hate knowing it all and know-it-alls

MAXIMIZER®: I hate an obsession with weakness fixing

POSITIVITY®: I hate negative people who drain the life out of others

RELATOR®: I hate the initial social discomfort of meeting someone new

RESPONSIBILITY®: I hate disappointing others and being disappointed by others

RESTORATIVE®: I hate the idea that problems will disappear if they are ignored

SELF-ASSURANCE®: I hate others telling me what to do

SIGNIFICANCE®: I hate being invisible to or ignored by others

STRATEGIC®: I hate doing things the way we have always done them

WOO®: I hate a static or shrinking social network

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