Insights and Discoveries: I WILL…

ACHIEVER®: I will set the pacer for production

ACTIVATOR®: I will create momentum

ADAPTABILITY®: I will react with immediacy to the immediate

ANALYTICAL®: I will find simplicity in the midst of complexity

ARRANGER®: I will work effectively and efficiently through others

BELIEF®: I will make sacrifices for things that are important

COMMAND®: I will push back when pushed

COMMUNICATION®: I will connect with others through words

COMPETITION®: I will strive to win

CONNECTEDNESS®: I will integrate parts into wholes

CONSISTENCY®: I will reduce variance and increase uniformity

CONTEXT®: I will remember important history

DELIBERATIVE®: I will anticipate things that could go wrong

DEVELOPER®: I will get satisfaction from the growth of others

DISCIPLINE®: I will plan in advance and then follow the plan

EMPATHY®: I will make the visceral explicit

FOCUS®: I will persevere until the goal is reached

FUTURISTIC®: I will anticipate and imagine what could or should be

HARMONY®: I will seek to eliminate the waste of emotional energy

IDEATION®: I will think outside the box

INCLUDER®: I will shrink the gap between the haves and have-nots

INDIVIDUALIZATION®: I will see the potential in human diversity rather than its problem

INPUT®: I will hang on to things that could be helpful resources for others

INTELLECTION®: I will see thinking as synonymous with doing

LEARNER®: I will follow the things that interest me

MAXIMIZER®: I will focus on what is strong and manage around what is weak

POSITIVITY®: I will lift and lighten emotional environments

RELATOR®: I will get to know more about the people closest to me

RESPONSIBILITY®: I will keep promises and follow through on commitments

RESTORATIVE®: I will look for the bug in the system, diagnose what ails

SELF-ASSURANCE®: I will seek to exert influence rather than be influenced

SIGNIFICANCE®: I will be motivated and influenced by the perceptions of others

STRATEGIC®: I will find the best route moving forward

WOO®: I will take the social initiative

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