Strengths-Based College Graduate


PREREQUISITE: Know your CliftonStrengths Top 5 Talents (Strengths)

I know how hard it is to land on your feet after college. That's why I am offering over 50% off coaching sessions to new college graduates*!

Do you want to find a job that you actually WANT TO DO?

Who do you want to work with? What do you want to do? Where do you want to do it? When do you want to work? Why do you want to work?

What wonderful talents and skills do you have to offer people?

Together, we can go deep to uncover a career that best matches your unique talents using the following tools:

  • CliftonStrengths
  • Listening Sessions
  • Morning Pages Journaling
  • Mind Mapping
  • Other free personality assessments

We will work in 60-minute sessions via ZOOM, scheduled as you desire.

My goal is for you to truly understand yourself (strengths, weaknesses, and all) and be able to show others the best version of who are now. I look forward to getting to know that person!

Once payment is processed, I will email you instructions on how to schedule our first session. Problems, contact me at or 207-579-4550.


Questions? Not ready yet? Book a free introductory call with me.

*Discounted price valid for up to a year after graduation!


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