Elevate Your Yoga Journey with a 12-month Essential Oil Experience

Inspired by “The EssentialYoga Program” by Jane Bloom, Marty Harger, Deidre Schaub, and Stephanie Smith

Hello, lovely souls! Welcome back to another chapter of mindful and enriching living. Today, let’s explore a holistic blend of two beautiful practices—yoga and essential oils. This year-long plan is inspired by the brilliant work in “The EssentialYoga Program,” a book that has expertly married these two enriching practices to offer a comprehensive guide to nurturing your body, mind, and spirit.

Imagine a yoga routine that not only stretches your body but also soothes your senses and balances your emotions. Sounds like a full-bodied experience, right? Well, grab your yoga mats and your favorite dōTERRA Essential Oils because we’re embarking on a year-long journey together!

The Power of Two: Yoga and Essential Oils

Before we dive into this incredible 12-month experience, let’s chat a little about why this duo works so well. Essential oils have been a staple in therapeutic and spiritual practices for centuries. Like yoga, they cater to our body, mind, and spirit. When woven into your yoga practice, essential oils can bring new dimensions of focus, relaxation, and intention.

Quick Tip: If you’re new to essential oils, consider grabbing this FREE eBook on Essential Oils for Beginners. It’s a great starting point!

Ways to Use dōTERRA Essential Oils

  1. Aromatic Application: Experience oils through your senses. You can diffuse oils during your yoga session or inhale directly. Learn more about it here.
  2. Topical Application: Massage a few drops on your skin or add them to your bath. Get the scoop here.
  3. Internal Application: Certain oils can be ingested to improve digestion or to invigorate. Read the guide here.


Your 12-Month Essential Oil Yoga Experience

January: Vision

Yoga Focus: Active Flow with twists and inversions
Recommended Oils: juniper berry, lemon, Roman chamomile, peppermint, In Tune® blend, lavender
Additional Themes: Clear Space, Clear Intention/Resolve & Renew

February: Connection

Yoga Focus: Active Hatha Yoga with heart openers
Recommended Oils: ylang ylang, wild orange, frankincense, AromaTouch® blend, geranium, dōTERRA Balance* blend
Additional Themes: Heart Wide Open/Couple’s Retreat

March: Alignment

Yoga Focus: Head-to-Toe Yin or Restorative
Recommended Oils: cypress, grapefruit, frankincense, marjoram, Deep Blue* blend, Balance blend
Additional Themes: Return to Wholeness/Release, Relax, Restore

April: Energy

Yoga Focus: Hatha yoga with twists and forward bends
Recommended Oils: peppermint, wild orange, lime, cedarwood, rosemary, geranium
Additional Themes: Spring Detox/Cleanse Mind, Body, Spirit

May: Renew

Yoga Focus: Detoxifying Restorative or Yin for kidney/liver meridians
Recommended Oils: basil, grapefruit, rosemary, myrrh, Zendocrine blend, frankincense
Additional Themes: Seeds of Change/Bloom from Within

June: Breathe

Yoga Focus: Vinyasa Flow with a focus on side body opening
Recommended Oils: Elevation blend, grapefruit, lemon, bergamot, juniper berry, lavender
Additional Themes: Inhale Citrus, Exhale Calm/Surf the Citrus Wave

July: Freedom

Yoga Focus: Hatha Yoga with chest and hip openers
Recommended Oils: eucalyptus, peppermint, frankincense, PastTense* blend, wild orange, Roman chamomile
Additional Themes: Sun & Moon/Open & Light

August: Balance

Yoga Focus: Vinyasa Flow
Recommended Oils: AromaTouch kit oils, dōTERRA Balance* blend, lavender, melaleuca, dōTERRA On Guard® blend
Additional Themes: Tune In & Tune Up/Effort & Surrender

September: Foundation

Yoga Focus: Lower chakra work
Recommended Oils: clove, cassia, Balance blend, peppermint, cypress, vetiver
Additional Themes: Root Down & Be Present/Autumn Equinox

October: Release

Yoga Focus: Gentle Vinyasa Flow with heart and hip openers
Recommended Oils: frankincense, wild orange, Citrus Bliss® blend, Forgive® blend, doTERRA Serenity® blend
Additional Themes: Mind, Body, Spirit Connection/Emotional Healing

November: Gratitude

Yoga Focus: Heart chakra/heart openers
Recommended Oils: rosemary, lemon, wild orange, dōTERRA Breathe® blend, ginger, sandalwood
Additional Themes: Heart Full of Gratitude/Radical Gratitude

December: Compassion

Yoga Focus: Hip openers and forward bends
Recommended Oils: Holiday Joy blend, peppermint, frankincense, Siberian fir, thyme
Additional Themes: Cultivate Compassion/Compassion in Action

So, there you have it, my friends—a roadmap to a year of enriched yoga practice with the power of essential oils. I’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences as we journey through the year together. Here’s to a year of balance, joy, and peace!

In love and light,

Kat 🌼