Insights and Discoveries: I LOVE…

ACHIEVER®: I love completing tasks

ACTIVATOR®: I love initiation, instigation

ADAPTABILITY®: I love spontaneity

ANALYTICAL®: I love data and facts

ARRANGER®: I love initiating and managing necessary change

BELIEF®: I love altruism

COMMAND®: I love exerting control in situations that seem out of control

COMMUNICATION®: I love stories and storytellers

COMPETITION®: I love a chance to go against the best

CONNECTEDNESS®: I love circles of life and threads of continuity

CONSISTENCY®: I love repeating things in the exact same way

CONTEXT®: I love the retrospective

DELIBERATIVE®: I love restraint and caution in the face of risk

DEVELOPER®: I love human potential and progress

DISCIPLINE®: I love things that are organized and orderly

EMPATHY®: I love the gladness, sadness, madness of humanity

FOCUS®: I love to begin with the end in mind

FUTURISTIC®: I love the inspiration that comes from dreaming

HARMONY®: I love the sacrifice of personal agendas to facilitate group performance

IDEATION®: I love coming up with something brand new

INCLUDER®: I love assimilation and integration

INDIVIDUALIZATION®: I love people getting to do what they do best

INPUT®: I love to provide relevant and tangible help

INTELLECTION®: I love the theoretical because it is the precursor to the practical

LEARNER®: I love to live on the frontier/the cutting edge

MAXIMIZER®: I love a maximum return on investments

POSITIVITY®: I love living life to its fullest

RELATOR®: I love close, caring, mutual relationships

RESPONSIBILITY®: I love the respect of others

RESTORATIVE®: I love finding solutions

SELF-ASSURANCE®: I love being in control of my own destiny

SIGNIFICANCE®: I love associating with successful people

STRATEGIC®: I love seeing a way when others assume there is no way

WOO®: I love meeting someone I haven’t met before

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