Define Your Future


Create a strengths-based resume and life!

PREREQUISITE: Know your CliftonStrengths Top 5 Talents (Strengths)

You have done a lot of work learning your CliftonStrengths and loving how they contribute to your sense of happiness and fulfillment in life.

Now, it's time to share them with others!

This step is to present yourself to hiring managers that represent jobs that match your dreams and talents? Together, we will work to make sure you have a professional RESUME that reflects the true you, with a description of the strengths and skills you have acquired up until now.

We will also explore ways to find opportunities that are exciting for you, best match your current skills, and offer a path for further growth around your natural talents.

We will work together for a 60-minute sessions via ZOOM, scheduled as you desire. I will help you create a professional resume and strategic plan for landing a new job. We won't stop until you get hired!

My goal is for you to truly understand yourself (strengths, weaknesses, and all) and be able to show others the best version of who are now.

Once payment is processed, I will email you instructions on how to schedule our first session. Problems, contact me at or 207-579-4550.


Questions? Not ready yet? Book a free introductory call with me.


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