Just Become You: Open Your Eyes


6-Session Coaching Package: OPEN YOUR EYES

When we start creating of an awareness of WHO WE ARE, we can start the process of truly aligning with our talents and strengths. In this package, your young adult will start looking at their life through the lens of strengths.

It’s a jungle out there. In this six-session coaching package, I will work with your young adult and help him/her:

  • Discover their natural talent themes via the CliftonStrengths assessment
  • Revisit childhood strengths and interests for future possibilities
  • Work on a resume and an exhaustive list of developed skills
  • Articulate dreams and desires for the future
  • Create a mind map reflecting who the young adult is today
  • Generate a Personal Summary Statement

Each session will include:

  • 15-minute Listening Session
  • Recap documented in a private Evernote® shared note
  • Identifying and rating (1-10) the week’s Focus Issue
  • Brainstorming action items
  • Anchoring the resulting plan with a Focus Tracker sheet
  • Personal Growth Homework


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