Strengths-Based High School Student


PREREQUISITE: Know your CliftonStrengths Top 5 Talents (Strengths)

Being a high school student is tough!

Academic and sports demands can sometimes feel stressful, and when you combine it with social pressure, it can get downright overwhelming.

That's why it is so important for high school students to learn to play to their strengths!

While schools (and often parents) encourage students to focus on improving their weaknesses, I believe they should work around their weaknesses and concentrate on that which they are truly strong.

Strengths can be indicated by natural talents (often revealed at a young age), interests, grades, and skills easily acquired. Often they get covered up and hidden by "noise" such as:

  • what a family member thinks the student SHOULD be good at,
  • what social media or others deem impressive, or
  • what a teacher misinterprets.

In order to grow up with strong sense of identity to counteract the "noise",  it is important for teenagers to understand that they are uniquely wonderful and have identifiable talents that they can develop into superpowers over time.

My goal for the teenager is to start identifying and understanding those talents, resulting in a more confident and centered person.

We will begin the journey using the following tools:

  • CliftonStrengths
  • Listening Sessions
  • Morning Pages Journaling
  • Mind Mapping
  • Other free personality assessments
  • Life Skills Training

We will work in 60-minute sessions via ZOOM, scheduled as you desire.

My goal is for the teenager to truly understand him/herself (strengths, weaknesses, and all) and be able to show others the best version of who they are now. I look forward to getting to know that person!

Once payment is processed, I will email you instructions on how to schedule the first session. Problems, contact me at or 207-579-4550.


Questions? Not ready yet? Book a free introductory call with me.


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