Discover the next steps in your strengths-based journey with Coach Kat

Your strengths can guide you to the happiness and fulfillment you’ve craved. Start by taking the Strengths Test as part of my Strengths Discovery Bundle to see your hidden potential. Then, book private sessions as you need them in your progress in your strengths-based journey. 

Discover Your hidden


Start your journey in strengths now.

Strengths Discovery Bundle

Start by discovering your strengths and how they can guide you to the happiness and fulfillment you’ve craved with this comprehensive bundle:

  • A CliftonStrengths Assessment code in a personal email from Coach Kat (for your personal use only)
  • A video link from Coach Kat on what to expect from the assessment and how to read your Top Five Report
  • Your Top Five Report of your top five CliftonStrengths
  • A 1:1 LIVE 30-minute Discovery Session with Coach Kat to guide you toward what’s next for you based on your unique strengths
  • Links to other resources for your strengths-based journey

See Your Next Steps


LIVE 1:1 sessions with Coach Kat scheduled by you and on-demand. 

15-Minute Session

This is: A targeted session to help you move through one specific moment.

30-Minute Session

This is: A session to talk out how you’re stuck and look at possible next steps.

60-Minute Session

This is: A deep dive session to get clear on blocks then consider your next steps and how to move forward.