Just Become You: Look At Your Life


12-Session Coaching Package: OPEN YOUR EYES + LOOK AT YOUR LIFE

When we use our greatest talents on a daily basis, we will naturally act with more confidence, direction, and hope. In this package, your young adult will also start using their strengths to navigate life.

Life is hard. In this six-session coaching package, I will work with your young adult and help him/her:

  • Assess the quality and depth of their life foundations: Health, Wealth, Relationships
  • Creating a personalized rating system for current strength of foundations
  • Start working on an area that rates low and find a way to make it better
  • Create a Happy You list recording personal likes, strengths, and successes
  • Start creating their Life Storyline via prompts

Each session will include:

  • 15-minute Listening Session
  • Recap documented in a private Evernote® shared note
  • Identifying and rating (1-10) the week’s Focus Issue
  • Brainstorming action items
  • Anchoring the resulting plan with a Focus Tracker sheet
  • Personal Growth Homework


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