Look At Your Life


Create a SUPERPOWERED profile of YOU!

PREREQUISITE: Know your CliftonStrengths Top 5 Talents (Strengths)

Imagine if you had a book that described the ingredients and recipes for living your BEST LIFE. Would you read it?

This interactive program will guide you in creating such a book!

When you sign up for this program, you will receive by USPS mail the outline for your "Superpowered Me!" book. All you need to complete it is a 3-ringed notebook to hold the pages and your willingness to start filling out the pages. (Oh, and a 3-hole punch might come in handy for additional pages.)

You will receive video guidance for each page, and also a method to share the pages with me. You will also be able to sign up for my weekly GROUP OFFICE HOURS and get personalized guidance in a group setting.

Some of the information you will be including in your Superpowered Me! book will be:

  • Vital information about you such as Birth Information & Social Security info
  • Your Gallup CliftonStrengths reports
  • The strengths of your Inner Circle of family and friends
  • Your Dream and Bucket List
  • Healthy Habits
  • Wealthy Habits
  • Loving Habits
  • Gratitudes
  • Blissful Moments

Creating this book could actually be a life long process as we are always shifting and changing along our journey. You will have lifetime access to this guidance and there will be additional programs developed in the future to help you go deeper into who you are and record where you are going.

Once payment is processed, I will email you instructions on how to access the course. Problems, contact me at coach@katfrati.com or 207-579-4550.


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