My Top 10 Tips for Staying Calm & Healthy This Holiday Season

My Top 10 Tips for Staying Calm & Healthy This Holiday Season

A few years ago, I was one busy girl.

My husband and I were nurturing SIX children between us, working FIVE days per week, growing FOUR businesses, managing THREE rental properties, wrangling TWO chronic health issues, and appreciating ONE chance to live a great life.

The Holiday Season is NOT a time for stress; we’ll save that for the rest of the year, thank you.

Yet, the Holiday Season is often the busiest of the year. So how do I manage to enjoy it all? Here are some of my tips:

  1. Put things into perspective. It is just IMPOSSIBLE to get everything done, so just let some things go and make it easy on yourself. It is much more important that you are a kind, happy person than baking extra holiday cookies for an event or such.
  2. Put LOVE first. Before you wish someone Happy Holidays, try to make sure you are in a good state emotionally. We all radiate energy and the greatest gift you can give others (and the planet) is to beam a loving energy, just like a lighthouse. Be a beacon of love and light.
  3. Give lots of hugs. Where I live, it’s cold in the winter and nothing warms the heart and others like a good, long hug. Be generous. Human touch is also one of the best things for your health!
  4. Make a Holiday List in your bullet journal. You actually don’t need to have bullet journal to do this, but having a place to collect all your plans and gift ideas really helps keep you focused. It can be just a piece of paper.
  5. Keep your wrapping paper handy. You know you will probably need to wrap some gifts, so why not pull it out BEFORE you shop? I like to keep mine in a fun grocery bag under our Christmas tree. Don’t forget to keep your tape and ribbons with it.
  6. Keep your health in check. The holiday season where I live is cold and dry, so I make sure I drink plenty of water (with a drop of orange or lemon essential oil in it or a splash of lemon juice). I also eat more fruit and vegetables between holiday binges to balance out my digestive system. Hot apple cider is one of my favorite drinks to re-alkalize my body!
  7. Give thanks. Practicing gratitude is the fastest way to squash stress and find glimmers of that holiday joy. Writing down a list is more impactful than just thinking about it. I write down three things each morning in my planner and allow myself a moment of joy for each one.
  8. Listen to Holiday music. I have the radio and stereo on constantly during this time of the year. Holiday music has the most positive lyrics I know! Who could be crabby when the radio reminds us that “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year”?
  9. Watch a Holiday movie. Again, full of positive stories and messages.
  10. Give YOURSELF the biggest gift of all–loving YOU! Just as our airline attendents remind us that it is important to put on OUR oxygen mask FIRST when travelling with children, you can only serve others best when YOU are fortified with enough sleep, health, peace, and love before giving to others. Please, don’t be a martyr. The best gift you can give others (and the planet) is to take responsibility to find a way to be a genuine uplifting force for others. If you are suffering, maybe you need to ask for help this holiday season instead. Remember, this season is about giving AND receiving. It is completely okay to ask for someone to give YOU a gift of help, forgiveness, or a holiday pass because life is just too hectic in other ways.

I hope this message finds you when you need it most, and you are able to create a holiday season that fills you up, instead of draining you.

I thank you in advance for this wonderful gift, because your ripple effect will definitely be felt by me and others around the planet.

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