Why You Might Want to Team Up with Me, Coach Kat!

Hey there! It’s Coach Kat here. So, you might be thinking, “What’s the buzz around coaching and why would I want Kat Frati   as my coach?” Well, let me give you a cheeky peek behind the curtain!

1. Your Superpowers are My Jam

First things first, I absolutely love uncovering the hidden gems inside everyone. As a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach, my joy is in helping you discover your own personal superpowers. Think of it as finding out you’ve got some wizardry up your sleeve or some superhero spunk!

2. More Than Just Words – It’s a Feeling!

Besides my passion for coaching, I’ve got a sweet spot for dōTERRA wellness. Imagine me blending traditional coaching insights with the uplifting vibes of essential oils. It’s a journey for both your heart and soul.

3. My Dream for Us

In the simplest of terms? I aim to weave people into a beautiful tapestry of connection, understanding, and joy. For me, it’s all about nurturing that warm, community feel. Coaching isn’t just a job for me; it’s a mission to sprinkle a bit more happiness around.

4. I’m Here, Ears Wide Open!

Ever felt like you needed someone to genuinely tune into your wavelength? That’s my forte! I’m here, all ears, picking up on the notes in between. And every once in a while, I’ll surprise you with an insight or idea that might just spark a twinkle in your eye.

5. A Coaching Experience That Respects Your Pocket

Let’s be real: times can be tough. But dreams? They’re priceless. That’s why I introduced my “Pay What You Can” approach. Think of it as coaching with a cherry on top!

6. But Don’t Just Take My Word for It…

If you chat with anyone who’s sat down with me, chances are, they’ll spill the beans on some of our ‘Ah-ha!’ moments, shared chuckles, and maybe a few happy tears. It’s a journey, and I cherish every step.

So there you have it! If you’re ready for a dash of discovery, a sprinkle of surprise, and a whole lotta heart, I’m your gal. Let’s make some magic together!


I’m here to help you release self-doubt then hone your unique strengths so you can live the life you’ve always dreamed of. 



Get help, if you need it.

I am always here to help you. Schedule a free 30-minute ASK ME ANYTHING call, or book a coaching session with me.


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