Elevate Your Yoga Experience with Essential Oils: A 12-Month Journey

Namaste, lovely souls! You all know that yoga isn’t just a physical practice; it’s a holistic experience that involves your mind, body, and spirit. But what if I told you that you could amplify this unity through the power of nature’s elixirs—essential oils?

More Than Just Aroma

Essential oils can add another layer of depth to your yoga practice. Each drop is a world of healing and balance in itself. The fascinating thing is, you can use a single oil for a specific intent, like calming the mind, and find that it also helps in energizing your spirit or soothing your muscles.

As you bring these aromatic wonders into your yoga and everyday life, you’ll learn to discern which oils resonate with your needs. You’ll figure out which ones can help you focus, which can elevate your mood, and which can deepen your meditative states. But here’s a pro tip—always choose oils like the ones doTERRA offers, which guarantee top-notch quality. If you’re a curious soul like me, you can learn more about their rigorous testing process here.

For those who are new to this aromatic world, don’t fret! I’ve got a little gift for you. Click here to download a free eBook called “Essential Oils for Beginners.”

Three Ways to Boost Your Practice

There are three primary ways to use doTERRA Essential Oils in your yoga practice:

  1. Aromatic Application: Incorporate oils in diffusers or inhale directly to elevate the ambiance of your yoga space. Learn more
  2. Topical Application: Apply oils to pulse points or problem areas to benefit from their healing properties. Learn more
  3. Internal Application: Some oils can be ingested or used in culinary recipes. This method is great for oils that aid digestion or uplift your spirit. Learn more

Your Yearly Yoga and Essential Oil Calendar

Given that each month carries its own energy, why not tailor your practice and essential oil use accordingly?

  • January: Vision
    • Yoga Focus: Active Flow with twists and inversions
    • Recommended Oils: juniper berry, lemon, Roman chamomile, peppermint, In Tune® blend, lavender
    • Additional Theme: Clear Space, Clear Intention/Resolve & Renew

…and the list goes on up to December, where we focus on Compassion.

Special Offers Just for You!

I’m super excited to announce special promotion codes for those who want to jump right in. Use code USDC239VGG and grab a free Citrus Bliss 15ML bottle for orders over 100 PV. If you go above 200 PV, you’ll also get an Adaptiv Touch and a Frankincense 5ML— that’s $73 worth of pure bliss for free!

Let’s Dive Deeper Together

If all of this has gotten your chakras buzzing and you’d like to learn more, I’m here for you! Book a one-on-one session with me to explore how you can optimize your overall wellness with essential oils. Click here to schedule your personalized session.

Stay luminous and keep flowing! Love and light, Kat

So there it is, friends! Whether you’re a yogi, an essential oil enthusiast, or someone who’s just starting on either path, there’s a world of experience awaiting you. Ready to dive in?

(Note: Want a full 12-month yearly yoga and essential oil calendar? Get access below.)


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