The Power of SISU: How My Finnish Mother Showed True Grit

The Power of SISU: How My Finnish Mother Showed True Grit

In the heart of every great family story, there’s a lesson that can touch us all. My mother, 86 years old, recently lived out an event that speaks volumes about toughness and the will to get through tough times. Her story is a perfect example of “sisu” – a word from Finland that means having the guts, persistence, determination, and courage to face hard challenges.

Last week, my mom had a bad fall and broke her arm. Despite the pain and losing her eyesight, she didn’t let it stop her. She took care of herself, getting ready for surgery with a strength and positive spirit that was nothing short of amazing.

Imagine this – dealing with a painful injury, she still went to her doctor appointments all by herself. She faced an unexpected trip to the hospital right before her surgery and then came home in the middle of the night. But she didn’t rest. She washed her clothes and got ready for her time in rehab, all before her ride came to take her to the hospital.

As a coach who helps people grow, I see in my mother’s actions a powerful example of resilience. It’s about facing life’s hard knocks and not giving up. This isn’t just something from Finnish culture; it’s a truth we can all hold on to.

While my mom gets better, the love and good wishes from friends and family have wrapped around her like a warm hug. This shows that “sisu” isn’t just about going it alone – it’s also about the support we get from others.

My mom’s courage shows us what we’re all capable of when the going gets tough. It’s about digging deep and finding the strength to keep moving forward, no matter what life throws at us.

To everyone facing their own battles, remember this: inside you is the power to overcome, even if you haven’t had to find it yet. Let’s celebrate the never-say-die spirit that’s in each of us. And to my wonderful mother, your sisu inspires us all. Kiitos, and let’s keep going, no matter what.  xoxo


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