Love, Gratitude and Serenity

A grownup is a master of three things: LOVE, GRATITUDE and SERENITY. — Kat Frati

Hi, it’s Coach Kat. Thanks for reading my blog.

I’d like to say first off that I love you. In ways, you are no different than I am and I know that you are capable of great things. I know that you have the inner workings to love others unconditionally, always being grateful for what you have, and achieving great states of inner happiness. How do I know this? Because you are human and every baby was giving this possibility at birth. Maybe you forgot you had this capability. Maybe life has already thrown you around so much and you are trying to figure out why life is so mixed up and confusing.

Do you remember a time when you felt so content with life–all was so good and you felt liked you loved life so much? Are you feeling that way right now? Why not? What is stopping you?

I know it is hard to believe, but feeling good is a choice. You can either choose to feel good or bad. Why would I choose bad, you ask? Maybe you’ve chosen a lifestyle of habits that doesn’t support feeling good. Do you eat healthy food? Do you get a good night’s sleep? Do you exercise? Do you stay hydrated? Are you honest with yourself and others? Do you have positive friends?

How do you know what the good habits are that would support good feelings?

That’s easy–your body will tell you!

When you FEEL GOOD, you are doing the right thing for your body (and the planet). My blogs are designed help guide you to feeling good. I share ideas and techniques that I use to feel good. Do I feel good every moment of every day? No. However, I can tell you that I feel happy and content most of the day (despite chaos circling around me), am not moody, hardly get sick, and have terrific friends and opportunities in my life. I do have to make sure I make the right choices for me each day to maintain it, but it just keeps getting easier and easier, and my life keeps getting happier and happier.

It’s all worth it, though. Feeling bad sucks. 🙁

I will end with the three words I started with: LOVE, GRATITUDE, and SERENITY.

When I LOVE, the area around my heart feels open and soft. I am not afraid of others hurting me, and I know if they try it’s just because they are the ones that are really hurting inside. Over the years, I have developed the ability to continuously stay in this state and my love pours out of me with the actions I exhibit towards others. I am generous with compliments, encouragements, affection, and patience–and it feels so great!

Being in a state of GRATITUDE helps me stay content. Your situation can always, always, always be worse, and when you remind yourself this, it shifts your perspective so that you can be grateful, even for your problems. I rely on faith that I can get through any problem, and it’s never failed me. My problems get smaller and my blessings gets larger with gratitude. It really works!

Centering my life around choices that include love and gratitude can easily bring me to a place of SERENITY. I have learned to release most of my controlling personality, my insecurities, my fears, and my expectations and just focus on finding the joy in life at any moment. Like anything, this takes practice and an awareness of myself and the choices I make, but it’s worth it.

I hope that these words have triggered some good thoughts within yourself, and inspire you to start taking control of your own happiness.

Life can be SO good, if you want it. Go for it! Let me know how it’s going!


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